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Heavy Equipment Transportation

SpaceSpots can transport large and small industrial equipment complete the form below for a quick quote.

For container transportation please click here.

If you would like a current quote for transportation please provide the unit full exact location address and address where the unit will be going; please do not provide just a city we need to be able to map out the location and route to give an accurate quote based on the information given. (Sorry we cannot give ballpark figures as they can be way off) 

Locations need to be fully accessible for a 30' 65' or 75' long truck and trailer based on the size of your unit, gate openings would need to be able to accommodate a truck and trailer. 

Please note truck drivers do not drive out to locations first to see if there is room to pick up or drop off a unit. 

If the item to be transported is a trailer of some sort owner must make sure the unit is road-worthy tires are inflated correctly lights work etc. Drivers will walk around the unit to check for safety issues prior to driving away but are not responsible for trailer units if tires blow out or the unit turns out to have issues once on the road and/or is not roadworthy.

The location must be free of hazards such as locked gates, tiny narrow streets with no turning ability, vehicles, overhanging tree branches, etc; drivers cannot clear and prepare areas for you when they arrive. Drivers arrive to pick up and drop off they will not retrieve units that are not freely accessible such as units that have been dragged to the rear of properties or behind block walls. Drivers will not drive through soft sand, difficult mountain roads, washed-out areas, soft dirt, gulleys, ditches, or any area which may cause a truck and trailer to get stuck. 

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