UNITS FOR MONTHLY RENT    24/7 Unrestricted Access

LARGER more secure steel storage units for a whole lot less

                    20' UNITS ..... 150sqft  1,179 Cubic Feet

                    40' UNITS ..... 320sqft  2,393 Cubic Feet
                    40' UNITS High Cube .320sqft  2,714 Cubic Feet
                    45' UNITS High Cube. 343sqft  3,055 Cubic Feet


** We allow unlimited in and out 24/7 access for commercial use so you may use our lockups as mini-warehouses; forklifts ok.

* You can also store your own 20'-45' cargo containers for low monthly rates with full 24/7 access

Storage Space for your own units

If you have your own shipping container we can accommodate containers up to 55' fill in the form to the right.

           storage options 

SpaceSpots  XL-Storage

20' 40' 45' 55' Units for Rent, Containers for Sale

Residential - Commercial - Industrial Storage

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