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1: Please note that pick up and drop off points must be fully accessible drivers cannot assist with the removal of obstacles fences debris trees cars etc.

Unit arriving can be as long as 75' it is up to the customer to ensure there is room obstacle free and possible for the container trailer to pick up the container and it is possible to drop off at the destination.

2: Locations must be ready for the arrival of the driver; driver will expect to pull up back up pick up and leave to avoid any additional waiting fees.  

3: If you have locked gates please make sure they are ready and unlocked prior to driver arriving.

4: Driver must have room to pull in and back up straight to the container if the container is tucked away where the drivers trailer cannot reach driver will not be able to pull container out. We suggest in these cases you obtain a forklift or a truck and chain to pull the unit into a position our long trailers can reach.  

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