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​Make your move and storage a lot easier by using the right packing materials.

All too often people try to move and store by using multiple size boxes cases, bags, trash bin liners, no taping and anything they think can hold their belongings, we have seen it all, you are not saving money by doing it this way, in fact it makes your move and store, harder, more expensive and time consuming. Bad stacking and packing can also collapse after a short time.

   1: You can fit more into a storage unit when you use all the same size boxes, stack easily, tape up and label well.

   2: Always place mattresses into a mattress bag.

   3: Do not put food items into storage they can deteriorate and cause all sorts of problems.

   4: Always label the boxes, you think you know what is in a box;but will you remember 4-6 months down the line?

   5: When stacking in the unit leave yourself an accessible path make sure all the labelling is visible.

   6: Stack boxes that have items you think you might need access to at the front so stack strategically.

   7: Do not obtain all large boxes the idea is to pack each box full and be manageable to carry, lift, stack, transport and store.

   It also makes it easier to move and transport when all the boxes are the same size, stack and move stack and store, at SpaceSpots we have a list below of the most important items to make your move and store as easy as possible.


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