KEEP LANCASTER CLEAN It is illegal to utilize a California State storage facility for the purpose of disposing of/dumping, any form of refuse waste, residential and commercial trash, unwanted trash, or materials that require special disposal.

    Bit of Trivia: Space Spots in addition to storage is an environmental sponsor in the area, in the event of malicious dumping Space Spots will prosecute pursue damages, file collections, and report to the credit bureaus. You might guess we do not like fly-tippers and litterbugs.


    SpaceSpots has a minimum charge 'starting at' $500-$1500+ (depending on unit size and contents plus rent time while the unit is un-rentable) to dispose of the contents of a unit if items are left behind, plus the loss of use while arranging labor trucks and trailers, collection, and legal costs. We are not looking to take over your unwanted content, however, the local landfill loves unwanted trash :).  We suggest that on vacating all contents are removed completely and taken away and the unit left swept clean. :)

   Please Do Not throw any trash down the sides, tops, underneath, or backs of any units we have 24/7 Live Feed Cameras Everywhere and can generally wind security footage back for any section of the facility to see who came in and who discarded trash, it is a very simple process.

We offer low-cost storage in a clean secure facility but as environmentalists, we charge an absolutely 'INSANE'! amount of money if we have to 

remove/pick up/dispose of a customer's 'ABANDONED' discarded/unwanted trash.

We do not want it and other customers do not want to see it.  


1: If you are simply looking to dispose of items,the landfill/dump is 2 miles up the road from our facility, literally 5 minutes, a UHAUL rental is only $19.95-$29.95 a day, (UHAUL 1810 W Ave J, Lancaster, CA 93534 (661) 949-9846) fill it up and drive for 5 minutes to the landfill. (See below)

2:  If you have any questions or need help with disposal, or local labor services that may help please call text or email our office, but please do not simply abandon that is when are INSANE fees kick in.


3:  HOT TIP:If you have a Lancaster address this will enable you to get two free dumps a year at this landfill, a large UHAUL truckload of trash costs approximately $75 to dump if you do not have a Lancaster address. If you do not have a Lancaster address because you are moving or about to move you can also state the trash is coming from your storage unit which is located at Space Spots XL-Storage 427 West Ave G, Lancaster CA 93534.

    The landfill is located at Waste Management located at 600 E Ave F, Lancaster, CA 93535.  (866) 909-4458 (See map on right or click the address for map)

 4: HOT TIP: Lancaster also has a location in the cityLancaster Maintenance Yard 615 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93534 where you can dispose of electronics, mattresses, box springs, paints, appliances, and oil at no charge.  

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Local Landfill Map 

600 E Ave F, Lancaster, CA 93535

Tenant Vacating Facility Form

This form is only filled in once you have completely moved out of the facility.

Please do not submit this form if you have actually not vacated the facility yet.

If you have been renting one of our units please make sure the unit has been completely emptied,swept clean, the unit is no longer locked and no trash has been left behind in or around the unit '
before' sending this form.
Once we receive this dated form and verified the unit/space has been vacated, left unlocked & clean, and, free of items and trash, the lease will stop and the access and exit code will stop working.

If you are thinking about leaving items behind please read a very important message below.

Thank you for using Space Spots welcome back anytime :)


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